Opgelost CO2 monitor

Optimize Your Process


Engineered to fit within a variety of bioreactors, this instrument delivers precise, real-time data that increases your understanding of critical fermentation and cell culture processes. This data can help you gain insight into cell metabolism and other changes within your bioreactor.


The 8500 allows you to monitor dissolved CO2  via real-time display of digital data or you can use the instrument's plot function to see the data graphically. You may also upload data to your computer or incorporate the output signal into your control processes. Data points can be logged as frequently as every 15 seconds, but can be set at longer intervals to reflect the length of your run.


Gain Competitive Advantage with exclusive technology:


Patented opto-chemical technology

Autoclavable design

Accurate in situ measurement

Does not consume CO2

Real-time response

User-defined data logging intervals

Affordable modular design

Easy-to-disconnect fiber-optic cable

Rugged, reusable stainless steel probes available in four styles

Easy-to-replace disposable sensor capsules




Measurement: pCO2

Range: 1-25% at atmospheric pressure (760 mmHg)

Accuracy: ±5% of reading or 0.2% absolute, whichever is greater

Calibration: Single point calibration performed with reference gas before start of process

Drift: 2% of actual reading per 7 days

Response Time: T90 < 7 minutes

Operating Temperature: 20-40°C

Operating Pressure: 0.68 bar/ 10 psig maximum

Sterilization Temperature: 132°C, 20 minutes

Sterilization Pressure: 2 bar/ 30 psig maximum

Sensor Technology: Opto-chemical

Fluorescent Dye: Hydroxypyrene trisulfonic acid

Communications: RS-232 or RS-485

Analog Output: 4-20 mA loop or 1-5 Vdc


- 12mm dia. x 320mm insertion depth:

  PG 13.5 & compression fittings available

- 12mm dia. x 120mm insertion depth:
  PG 13.5 fitting available

- 25mm dia. x 70mm insertion depth:
  Safety & INGOLD® fittings available


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