Messenger (MSG)

The Messenger allows the simultaneous use of multiple sensors. Hereby you can use up to four single channel sensors. Even different sensors can be used with one transmitter. The measurement results can be linked together using almost any mathematicalequation. This ensures an easy setup of e.g. dosage systems. The programming / calibration of the system will be done via a PC, PDA or Laptop using the menu-based software. Only one PC or Panel PC is required to configure an instrument in a network of up to 255 Messengers. Using the Messenger with an integrated Panel- PC allows the paperless recording or displaying of the measurement results as bar- or line graph’s and the configuration without external equipment.


Applications:                                                    Operational areas:

• Scatter light turbidity measurement                   • Chemical industry

• Absorption turbidity measurement                     • Petrochemical industry

• Single channel colour measurement                  • Pulp & Paper

• Dual channel colour measurement                     • Beer and beverages



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